Liberate compatibility list

The following is a table of programs that work on the Zune when using the Liberate app. (Under construction Updated at least every 1-3 days.)

Many programs will require extra libraries, such as gx.dll and aygshell.dll. If a program does not work with the files that are already on the Zune, it will be indicated as such by the “Extra” column. Also, some programs can only be installed through CAB containers. The ability to install programs through CAB will be added soon.

GAPI for HPCs is a good implementation of gx.dll and provides many options in case the included gx.dll does not work for certain programs.

Program Name Extra Comments
.NET Compact Framework 3.5 @lightgreen:No
7-Zip 9.11 Beta @lightgreen:No 7-Zip is a file archiver with the high compression ratio. The program supports 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, LZH, CHM, GZIP, BZIP2, Z, TAR, CPIO, ISO, MSI, WIM, NSIS, RPM and DEB formats. I know version “7z911-ce-arm” works. I have not tested to see which is the most recent version which works.
Coreplayer 1.3.6 @lightgreen:No Media player with an extensive list of audio/video cedec support, as well as some picture formats. Will also stream with internet. Everything works, except it wont connect to the Internet for some reason so the Youtube/streaming features don't work(could somebody look into this?) Use MSCEInf to extract and run. Costs $30
ezyUnZIP @lightgreen:No
FAangband @lightgreen:No It's a roguelike game like nethack, with graphic tiles.
Firefox3.6-beta-ARMv4i @lightgreen:No Splashscreen loads, then nothing happens. The process runs though, because firefox complains if you launch it again that it's already open. With Liberate 1.5 & beyond Firefox opens, but lags severely, causing the whole system to be slow.
Foxit Reader 1.0 @lightgreen:No PDF Reader
FPSeCe @Yellow:Unknown: Launches, but upon loading a game crashes. FPSEce is a PlayStation emulator for your Windows mobile device.
Freefloat FTP Server @lightgreen:No FTP server on your Zune! Great way to transfer files to and from the Zune without needless complication. Use the ARM version. There is no username or password, so be careful using it on an insecure network.
GSPlayer2e @lightgreen:No Can play AAC, FLAC, MP3, WMA (not lossless) and a few others. Tap the colored body to open the menu.
myTools @lightgreen:No
OnscreenKB @lightgreen:No Can't type anything. The program works though. With Liberate 1.5 & beyond the keyboard input was fixed.
Opera Mini @lightgreen:No It's a web broswer. Fixed link
Orneta Smartphone Calc @lightgreen:No A scientific calculator.
Orneta Task Manager @lightgreen:No A simple task manager.
PEInfo @lightgreen:No Shows detailed info about windows files.
PHM Device Manager 0.22 @lightgreen:No Device Manager for winCE(WM2003-6.5)
piCalc @lightgreen:No Couldn't calculate pi because there's no keyboard input. Keyboard input was fixed in Liberate 1.5 & beyond.
Pigeon @lightgreen:No Opens up, and works perfectly. It is an internet chat program, including Google Talk, ICQ, XMPP,,,, and QIP.
PocketDos @lightgreen:No You can use the DOS on your Zune HD. It can run QBASIC,LOGO,TC and some DOS games.
PocketPaint @lightgreen:No
PocketPuTTY @lightgreen:No Telnet/SSH client
Pocket RAR @salmon:aygshell.dll Columns in file browser are bunched together by default - must be widened manually to normal sizes
PocketSNES 1.53 @lightgreen:No Without sound it runs at something over 100fps (perfectly smooth, but way too fast). With sound it runs in the 30s. No real settings for controller input obviously.
PocketUno_v.1.63 @yellow:.NET Compact Framework 3.5 must be installed Who's an Uno fan? Come on!
Pocket Word @lightgreen:No
PocketXpdf @lightgreen:No Simple PDF Reader. For me better than Foxit 1.0.
Regedit @lightgreen:No Of course it works.
ResInfo @lightgreen:No
ScummVM 0.10.0 @lightgreen:No
SysInfo Retriever @lightgreen:No
TascalRegEdit @lightgreen:No A registry editor. Initially last build was intended for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.
TCPMP @lightgreen:No Much better than GSPlayer2e. Can play many more formats including WMA Lossless. Also plays video. Before playing a video go to Options→Video→Video Driver and select GDI. If you do this after starting a video, it will kill the display.
UCWEB @yellow:Must use the Task Manager to exit Web Browser
WiFiKnife v0.18 @lightgreen:No It scans for WiFi(though it offers no choice to connect) and displays whether you are connected to it, and it gives info on DNS, DHCP, IP addresses, internet connectivity, but later there will be an update that will allow it to connect. etc.
Winwatch @lightgreen:No
Windows Media Player 1.2 for Handheld PC @lightgreen:No Can access playlist and media content. Extract with 7-Zip and install naut640x240.ARM.CAB
ZuneKeys @lightgreen:No A popup keyboard that works similarly to the main Zune UI keyboard. Created by rhinox202.
a lot of apps @lightgreen:No apps for liberate.fixed linck
Sniffi @lightgreen:No after a long wait all of us zune HD owners using liberate for zune HD. now get a WI-FI NETORK MANAGER!!!!! (4/24/2014: File got deleted, someone reupload please.)

control panel | link cominng soon]]

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