Index of sample applications and technology demos

Here is an index of known open source samples of OpenZDK programs. Please feel free to add your own samples; however, they must be licensed under an open-source license. Please follow the general format of the page and include download links. This is not a complete list - released OpenZDK apps can generally be found at ZuneBoards.

Zune HD

three dee itsnotabigtruck
three dee is a simple demonstration of 3D rendering via OpenGL ES 2.0 on the Zune, ported from an NVIDIA Tegra sample.

2D Image Sample itsnotabigtruck
The 2D Image Sample provides a basic example of how to load a PNG file and display it on screen using the ZDKImage and ZDKDisplay 2D graphics APIs. Additionally, proper detection and handling of the home button to exit is implemented.

Cubic Nurta
Cubic is a more substantial 3D tech demo that demonstrates rendering of a textured cube along with usage of the accelerometer.

Mandelbrot HD gigadude
Mandelbrot HD implements an example of offloading mathematical computation to the Tegra's vertex unit via OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders.

CodePug Web Server CodePug
The CodePug Web Server demonstrates usage of sockets through the implementation of a simple Web server on port 80.

  • Source code: Available on CodePug's site
  • Installer: Available on CodePug's site
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