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Note from the future: I have a lot of thanks to give to anyone who has been involved with OpenZDK and the zunedevwiki.org wiki! It's been years since our last update and the Zune device has gone through a long death since then. I have been following Zune and been a member of its fan community since it was a highly speculated “iPod Killer” surrounded by many “iPod Killers,” hype, and speculation about its ability to 'squirt' songs and act as a local radio. The first Zune hacks involved making use of the original Zune's OS being a thin wrapper around Windows CE as well as a drama-filled fake

Until recently, writing applications for the Zune media player meant one thing: XNA. While Microsoft's XNA platform aims to provide a framework that makes game development accessible to the masses, on the Zune this translates to no 3D, no Internet access, and a performance penalty of around an order of magnitude - all when the hardware is right there.

OpenZDK is the answer to the closed and limited nature of applications for the Zune. Comparing OpenZDK to XNA is like comparing Ubuntu to Windows 3.1. OpenZDK enables applications to be built for the Zune using the full power of the Tegra APX2600, using custom vertex and fragment shaders, OpenGL ES 2.0, and lightning fast C++ without the arbitrary limitations of XNA. OpenZDK allows developers to make much more advanced applications and games for both the Zune HD and classic models - applications on par with Microsoft-published titles like PGR: Ferrari Edition and Audiosurf Tilt.

Ready to delve into OpenZDK? Load your Zune up with applications using the installation instructions.

Everyone is invited to help to improve this wiki - all you need is an account to get started!

News and updates

2010-11-25 Netrix has released Remote Zune 1.1.2, a program that allows you to remotely control your PC, either through a LAN connection, or the Internet. It supports basic mouse and keyboard input, as well as zooming, so you can perform many tasks on your PC with your Zune HD anywhere that you have Wi-Fi access.

2010-11-05 itsnotabigtruck has released SDL for OpenZDK, a port of the popular SDL 2D game framework to the Zune. SDL already runs on virtually every other platform there is, which means that numerous applications already exist that can be ported. The port also includes the SDL_image, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, and SDL_net libraries for image loading, text rendering, audio playback, and networking.

2010-10-30 Netrix has released Liberate 1.5, a program that reconquers your Zune's display to enable you to use standard Windows CE and Windows Mobile apps! The new 1.5 release adds the much awaited capability for text input. Not every app is compatible with the Zune, so check the Liberate compatibility list for details.

2010-08-10 Nurta has released Void, the first homebrew game for the Zune that takes advantage of OpenZDK's 3D graphics capability! The source code is also available on the Development Front SVN repository.

2010-05-26 The ZuneBoards Development Front is recruiting skilled programmers with an interest in OpenZDK. Application instructions are available at ZuneBoards.

2010-05-25 The Zune Development Wiki is now running on a new virtual private server (VPS)! You should notice a marked performance improvement compared to our previous shared hosting. If you appreciate what we're doing, a contribution toward the VPS expenses would be greatly appreciated. The site is now also available via IPv6; if you have an IPv6 connection, you may force its use by visiting http://ipv6.zunedevwiki.org/.

2010-05-09 screenshottr, a utility for capturing screenshots of OpenZDK applications, has been released. Information on use is available as part of the instructions for debugging.

Table of contents


itsnotabigtruck: Exploit discovery, reverse engineering, and DeployKit development
Netrix: Sample application development, prototyping, and experimentation
Nurta: Website hosting, project management, and testing
Bman22: Experimentation and testing
Red Sky: Initial testing

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